A wrath in pursuit of reproductive justice

The other day, I found myself alone weeping painfully in my car. The tears suddenly turned into anger and I started yelling and cursing at the windshield, raising my hands above the steering wheel as if I were yelling at someone. In my head, I was. If my rage could have done harm, I am certain it would have shattered the glass sunroof of my car.

There was nothing specific that happened to me that caused me to experience such rage, except for the thought, the concern, that maybe some demon of a person would force my daughters, God forbid, to do something with their bodies against their will. This is called rape. Worse yet: maybe our government would try to force my daughters, my babies, God forbid, to do something against their will a second time: bring an unwanted child into this world because of that rape.

At that horrific thought, my rage took only a short detour to pray: “Please, God, protect them.” And then instantly, I felt deep sorrow and then, like God, wrath once again.

I began to think about how people vote. How people vote based on tax policy, how white supremacy sadly draws people in, how people vote to have borders “protect” our country, but simultaneously perpetuate white privilege and a “zero-tolerance” nationalism such that over 5,500 children are separated from their parents in just a few years. I cannot fathom how that which drives people to vote for some of these inhumane causes is at the same time horrifically unconscionable to me. (How dare you separate any child from their parents!) I vote in part to protect my children from the continued criminal behavior and women’s trauma that pervade our nation on a daily basis. But why should women’s rights and reproductive freedom be a reason for me to vote in the first place? Shouldn’t these be basic human rights protected by our nation’s Constitution?

I began yelling aloud at the person in my head voting against this protection of my daughters. Instantly, I felt betrayed.

I am saddened by those who believe in voting to withhold the right of my daughters to make choices about their bodies. Or those who want to force my daughters to have an unwanted child if raped, God forbid. Is this how we define “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?” And have we really just confirmed a woman who – despite her saying she will leave reproductive rights unchanged – has been nominated by a president who has committed to appointing someone who would overturn Roe v. Wade? My OB-GYN and I will not have it.

Let me be clear. I do not think the choice of abortion is completely going away. I believe it in my heart because I believe that citizens of our country will revolt. It is safe to say, however, that our country’s recent confirmation will try to make it more difficult for women to make these choices about their bodies. As Roe will be left up to the states to legislate, women may need to cross state borders or – worse yet – resort to unsafe conditions out of desperation. Ten states have already passed “trigger laws” which would ban abortions if Roe is overturned and it is expected that at least another ten would follow suit.

I have made my voice heard. I have registered my vote. My daughters were there with me, helping me put my ballot, with excitement, into the box. Thank God, in that moment, we all felt safe. Especially with our masks. Because, as much we are a religious family, we also believe in science.

But even after the ballot is received, my rage continues. And it will continue to push me forward to fight for the rights of my daughters. Every single day.

Please do not use my page as a political platform that would rape my daughters of their reproductive freedom. It is a basic human right to decide what to do with one’s body, in whichever state they reside. I am not denying your children their ability to choose a different path with their life if, God forbid, they are raped, too. I pray this never happens to your children.

You see, that’s what “pro-choice” is all about. You make your choice; I make mine. But please do not contest this God-given right they deserve, rights so basic to the essence of what it means to exist, that to deny them of these rights nationwide strips them of their innocence, their confidence, and the values I have worked so hard to instill in them.

We have regressed decades, my friends, decades. But there is hope. It is within us.

Countless times in our sacred scriptures God’s wrath flares up and when it does, it is in pursuit of justice.

May my rage – and yours – shatter the glass sunroofs of our country, in the pursuit of protecting the future generation and safety of my daughters, granddaughters – and yours, too.

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