Intuitive Torah

I’ve spent so much of my life using outside sources to define my thoughts, my feelings and my actions.

As a rabbi, I use our sacred text, the Torah, and all of its related teachings, to guide certain aspects of my life. As a social human being who cares about others, I’ve allowed others’ desires affect my own sense of happiness and joy.

But recently, I’ve realized that I actually have more answers inside of me than I gave myself credit for – I just need to stop and listen to myself, to be guided by what I coin my “Intuitive Torah.”

This blog is dedicated to the belief that we can change and grow and be the best versions of ourselves, as long as we have the ability to be intuitive, to know ourselves and to love ourselves. We each have “Torah” within us, a special, unique story that is waiting to be told and waiting to unfold. This blog captures pieces of my story. I hope it helps you on your journey to tell your story, too.